Volume I: Tales with Historical Elements

Turtle's War Party
Two-headed Snakes
The Dwarf
Man Caught in a Fire Corral
Flathead Chief Sends his Daughter to Chief Waxane
The Coeur d'Alene Attacked
Two Women Overcome Nez Perce Man
Woman Saved by Loose Saddle Cinch
The Coeur d'Alene Fight the Kutenai
Boy Takes Food
The Practical Joker
War between the Blackfoot and the Coeur d'Alene
Church Teachings

Volume II: Coyote cycle -- Coming soon

Chief Child of the Root
Origin of Indian Tribes (from Parts of Monster)
Coyote Overpowers the Sun (Securing Sun Disk)
Coyote Steals his Daughter-in-law
Little Beaver
Coyote Devours his Own Children
Coyote Loses his Eyes (Eye Juggling)
Coyote Hunts with Crane and Releases Salmon
Story of Lynx
War between Land and Water People
Dog Husband
Coyote and Fox Gamble with the Fish
Coyote Marries Pinesquirrel, Sister of Geese
Coyote Imitates Magpie (Bungling Host) Coyote and Badger
Calling the Deer
Calling One's Kind, Dorothy Nicodemus
Calling One's Kind, Tom Miyel
Coyote Kills Cricket with Elk Fat (Mistaken Kindness)
Coyote and Nighthawk Change Coats (Rolling Rock)
Cricket Rides Coyote
Coyote Snares the Wind

Volume III: Myths not in Coyote Cycle -- Coming soon

Skunk and Fisher
The Girls who Stole Dentalia (Kidnapping)
Waterbird Contests for Woman (Gift Test)
Water Monster Woman
Little Mosquito
Grizzly and his Brothers-in-law
Muskrat Trespasses
Toad Saves Children
Chipmunk and Snake (Contest for Winter and Spring)
Elk and Snowshoes
Contest between Cold and Heat
Rabbit and Jack Rabbit
Dog Goes for Fire


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