1.1.  khwe   'ets'ku̲stm   'iits'i̲ts'tsmsh   khwe   tech   hnch'mi̲p   ku'm   'e'yni̲ł   khwe   gwe̲lntm   'uya̲r 
1.1.  it used to be said they were making a fire corral toward a place near Sand Point then because it was burned in a circle
1.2.  ku'm   khwi'ł   ni'ne̲ptes   'ekhu̲sntm   khwe   tt'mi̲khw   khwe   che   st'a̲pntm 
1.2.  then here when they went in (amongst --h.w.) (they were --h.w.) looked for animals to be shot
1.3.  hoy   ku'm   'ushił   'epł   t'a̲pm   ku'm   lut'u'l   khwe   sni'wt   ku'm   khwi'ye   sgwelp   t'aqht   gwe̲lp 
1.3.  and then just as there was shooting then not shy (modest) the wind was and this burned fast it burned
1.4.  ku'm   khukhwi'ye   tsi'   t'a̲pm   ku'm   tsi'   sa̲q'unts 
1.4.  then these there shooting then there (they --h.w.) opened it (made a gap --h.w.)
1.5.  ku'm   khwe̲t'p 
1.5.  and ran
1.6.  hoy   ku'm   khwi'   khwe   tchne̲k'we'   gwi̲chtm   'iit'a̲pmsh 
1.6.  and then here one person was seen shooting
1.7.  ku'm   du̲'lmntsut 
1.7.  then they ran
1.8.  tsi'ł   ku'm   'uł   'en'eni̲s 
1.8.  there then they went (out --h.w.) again
1.9.  hoy   ku'm   łe   ne'   'uł   pne'   tse̲tkhw   hił   qwa̲'qwe'l   khwe   schint   hił   miipnu̲ntm   'epł   ch'u 
1.9.  and then when they come up to the house and talked the people and it was learned there was gone
1.10.  hoy   ku'm   'ekwn   'ume̲y   chetgwelpi̲ne' 
1.10.  and then he said I bet he was burned over
1.11.  hoy   te'ekhu̲sntm 
1.11.  then he was looked for
1.12.  ch'u 
1.12.  he was absent
1.13.  ł   hnkwi̲'ts   ku'm   'ekwn   'ume̲y   chetgwe'lpi̲ne' 
1.13.  when it was night and he said I bet he was burned over
1.14.  ku'm   'ekwn   he   smi̲'yem   hoy   'uł   che̲shntsel   che   stuusla̲q'met 
1.14.  and she said his wife then come with me we will search for him
1.15.  hoy   ku'm   ne'   t'u'   'a(w   nee'm'nu̲s   tk'winsh   khukhwi'ya   sqa̲'lqa'ltmkhw   khukhwi'ye   'uł   che̲shntm  1.15.  and then answering many I don't know how many of those men this one was accompanied again
2.1.  khuł   tsenchi̲ts 
2.1.  they proceeded to arrive
2.2.  'eku̲stm   khwi'   tsmi'   me'l   khwi'ł   'etsgwi̲chstm 
2.2.  it was said here he was but is not any more right here he was seen
2.3.  hoy   ku'm   'ekhu̲sntm   la̲q'ntm   khukhwi'ye   'e   schint 
2.3.  then and he was looked for search was made by these people
2.4.  tgwe'l   da̲qhdeqht 
2.4.  because they went here and there
2.5.  'ekwn   khwi'   t'i'   ta̲qhoqhw 
2.5.  she said here surely he is dead
2.6.  hoy   ku'm   t'i'   'uch'e̲'m 
2.6.  and then surely it was dark
2.7.  gwi̲chtm   dsi̲iiigwt 
2.7.  it was seen very dimly
2.8.  hoy   ya̲(a(   khukhwi'ye   schint 
2.8.  then they gathered these people
2.9.  ts'u̲ts'u'm 
2.9.  they cried
2.10.  ku'm   khwi'ye   smi̲'yem   ła   tach   q'o̲mqis   'e̲mish   ku'm   tsenshlchełni̲'w   pi̲łłlsh 
2.10.  then this woman toward his head sat down and in a circle alongside they sat down
2.11.  ku'm   tsi'ł   ne'ku̲   hoy   hi   smu̲sm   khwi'ł   yo   lut   schint 
2.11.  then there she thought now I will feel about here my! not a person
2.12.  ku'm   'uł   mu̲snts   khwe   tech   khwi'   lut   schint   'epł   t'i̲nt'ine' 
2.12.  then again she felt about it toward here not a person it had ears
2.13.  'ekwn   khwi'ye   smi̲'yem   he   lut   schint   'et'i̲khwlm   khwi'   schsłu̲smis 
2.13.  she said this woman yes not a person it is different here its eyes
2.14.  ku'm   'a   'aya̲(   khwi'ł   mu̲sntm 
2.14.  then by all here it was felt
2.15.  ku'n   ła̲mqe' 
2.15.  oh (xxed out) (it turned out to be --h.w.) a black bear
2.16.  hoy   ku'm   'epł   mekhwt 
2.16.  and then they had a laugh
2.17.  hoy   ku'm   'uł   t'e̲plish 
2.17.  and then they got up
2.18.  'uł   'ekhu̲sntm   khwi'ya   'iits(u̲sm   ha   sqi̲'ltumkhw   2.18.  again he was looked for this one lost the man
3.1.  ku'm   'ekhu̲sntm   gwi̲chtm   'et'k'wi̲iii   'et'k'wi̲iii   k'we'y   'etskhwe̲lkhwlt 
3.1.  then he was looked for seen he was lying lying still alive he was
3.2.  'itsgwe̲lp   ku'n   khwi'   khwe   ne'   'iit'a̲ps   khwi'   a   hnła̲mqe' 
3.2.  he was burned (oh --xxed out) ( it was clear! --h.w.) here where his kill was this black bear
3.3.  ku'm   tsi'ł   'uł   khu̲ystm   khwe   tech   tse̲tkhws   khwi'ya   sqi̲'ltumkhw 
3.3.  then there again he was taken toward his house this man
3.4.  tsi'   khwe   hnkhwa̲tpalqs  3.4.  there the end of the road