1.1.  khuy   khwi'ye   tch'e̲sel   'e   smi̲'yme'yem   t'i'   gwuł   t'i̲k'wt'k'ut 
1.1.  they went these two woman [sic] already they were old
1.2.  ku'm   tech   wahi̲me'   tsi'ł   t't'k'uk'wi̲'lup 
1.2.  then toward Nez Perce country that is where they camped
1.3.  ku'm   ni'sha̲rus   'e   pi̲wye'   ła   'a   sma̲tus 
1.3.  they [sic] they were boiling piwye mush
1.4.  ku'm   'ushił   hnme̲'lp   khwi'ye   sma̲tus 
1.4.  then just as it boiled the mush
1.5.  hoy   ts'qhi̲ł   'yats'qh   khwi'ye   smi̲'yem   khwe   tech   hnch'mtsi̲łkhw   ku'n   t'i'   chits'a̲ts'qhstelit   khwe   'e   she̲me'n 
1.5.  then suddenly she saw this woman toward the open tent flap it is clear already we are being watched by the enemy
1.6.  'ekwn   lut   ha   cha   'ya̲ts'qhntkhw   t'i'   gwi̲chtelit 
1.6.  she said don't look at him surely we are seen
1.7.  'ekwn   hoy   ch   'in(eyi̲lgwes 
1.7.  She said now we will be angry
1.8.  ku'm   'eku̲stus   khwi'ye   snkusmi̲'yems   [qepsi̲'is] 
1.8.  then she said to her this her fellow-woman you are ugly
1.9.  lut   gwni̲khw   ch   'achsti̲'yti'yeqwt   khwi'ł   kwenchti̲'wasmnlsh   khwa   sni'sha̲rus 
1.9.  it is not true we are to fight there they took hold of it what was boiling
1.10.  ku'm   te'ltsi'   chiiła̲q'ish   khwi'ye   she̲me'n   sa̲q'tsnm 
1.10.  then from there he was lying on his stomach this enemy he had his mouth open
1.11.  tsi'ł   p't'o'su̲sntm   khwi'ye   'yinma̲'lp   'a   sma̲tus 
1.11.  there he was poured into his face this boiling mush
1.12.  hoy   'uł   ła̲qhup'm   'u'wi̲hu'   ta̲qhoqhw 1.12.  then he rushed off again at a short distance he died